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About ears

EARS – EAST AFRICA RADIO SERVICE – is a radio aggregator. We bundle local radios to create the biggest radio station in Uganda.


Our affordable packages are designed with the highest reach at both national and sub-regional levels, ensuring inclusiveness and diversity at the best available CPM (cost per thousand listeners) compared to any single station price. We compliment your campaign with our services which include content development and translation, audio-productions, distribution, monitoring and ensuring compliance as well single-radio-station add-ons.


Mercy Aryanyijuka
Mercy is a people oriented and diligent person with good communication skills possessing the ability and reliability to craft for you excellent media campaign strategies.

Joanita Kebirungi
Sales Executive
Joanita is a media person with a reliable track record in media planning, booking, distribution and monitoring. 

Derrick Senyonga
Sales Executive & Marketing Manager
Derrick is a versatile multimedia and communications specialist with experience and growth in specialized writing and editing, multimedia information packaging and production, website and platform design, optimization and social media communications, practical use of video, audio and web software as well as drafting, layout & design of information and communication materials for print, broadcast, online and mobile platforms.

Roberta Kusiima
Monitoring & Compliance Manager

Roberta monitors all processes and procedures at EARS and is in charge of Radio Station compliance. Over the years, she has monitored some of our most successful campaigns. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Uganda Martyrs’ University Uganda and Masters in Information Systems Management from University of Greenwich, London.


Doreen Naturinda
Doreen handles digital and IT portfolios at EARS as well as offers administrative support to the team. She also keeps contact with our partner radio stations.

Douglas Mutumba
Douglas is the Managing Director at ears. Previously he was the head of Radio-Partners at URN, Ugandas largest radio news agency.

Klaas Glenewinkel
Klaas is one of the founders of ears. He has 15 years experience in media development in Asia the Middle East and Africa as the head of MiCT, a German Media NGO.